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Poyarn places great importance on the conservation of the environment. We are actively involved in efforts to ensure energy efficiency and water conservation as well as in ways to reduce contamination levels through the reusability of non-biodegradable waste. In line with our principles we are committed to the usage of environmentally friendly raw materials and activities which:

1.Create products which help us comply with environmental conservation regulations

2.Contribute towards a reduction in energy consumption and water conservation

3.Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

4.Preserve non-renewable natural resources

5.Reduce the ecological impact of non-biodegradable waste

6.Reduce ocean and water pollution

7.Reduce microfibers emision

8.Be part of the solution of industrial waste reduction

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Raw Materials

Sustainable development is a major trend in the textile and fashion industry in recent years and even in the future. Poyarn actively responds to the country's call to develop a green and environmentally friendly economy. We choose the incoming raw materials like POY and FDY which produced by utilizing recycled polyester bottles, polyester waste yarn, and fiber fabrics, etc. These recycled POY and FDY are finally made into our products such as polyester slub yarn and polyester folded yarn by texturing machine, through which the process enables efficient recycling of renewable resources. "Protecting the environment and creating a green earth" is always our goal.

Environmental Activities

  • PV Panel

    Photovoltaic panel(PV panel) application is a green energy solution that converts solar energy into electrical energy. It has various application methods and significant advantages.

    1.PV panels are installed on the roof of the factory, using their large installation area to absorb solar energy and convert it into direct current. This DC power can be supplied

    2.The application of PV panels can help factories diversify energy and improve energy stability. Since photovoltaic power generation is not affected by geographical location and climatic conditions, it can provide stable power supply even during peak energy demand periods or disaster situations.

    3.The application of PV panels can also help textile factories reduce energy costs. At the same time, because photovoltaic power generation does not produce pollutants, it also meets the environmental protection requirements of textile factories.

  • Sewage Treatment Equipment

    The textile industry is one of the largest water users, requiring water for almost all manufacturing steps. Poyarn introduced sewage treatment equipment to deal with the wastewater to comply with global environmental conservation regulations.Here is the advantages of sewage treatment equipment:

    1.Purify the environment: Sewage treatment equipment can effectively treat wastewater and reduce environmental pollution. By removing different pollutants, including suspended particles, dissolved organic matter, heavy metals, etc., the sewage can meet the discharge standards, thus reducing the waste and pollution of water resources. resources: By treating wastewater and reusing it, a large amount of freshwater resources can be saved.

    3.Reduce costs: After using sewage treatment equipment, we can save costs while also saving other resources, such as water consumption.

    4.Improve the quality of life: Purifying sewage can improve the quality of life of surrounding residents, allowing people to live in a cleaner and healthier environment.

    5.Comply with national and global industrial wastewater treatment laws and regulations.

  • Paper Tube Recycling

    Don’s lose it, reuse it!

    Through paper tube recycling, we collect, sort, process and reuse used paper tubes. Paper tube is an important packaging material and is widely used in textile, chemical fiber, papermaking, pharmaceutical and other industries. With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, paper tube recycling has gradually become a sustainable industry.

    The significance of paper tube recycling is to reduce environmental pollution, save resources, reduce energy consumption, and promote sustainable economic development. By recycling paper tubes, you can reduce the felling of trees and protect the ecological environment. It can also reduce the generation of waste and reduce the pressure on land resources.

Lightweight Packaging

We adopt lightweight packaging design to reduce the use of packaging materials, transportation costs and carbon emission. We offer a variety of options when it comes to packaging materials. We have moisture-proof bags, plastic tubes, paper tubes and other packaging methods for our customers to choose from. Each material has its own environmental advantages.

Moisture-Proof Bags

1. Excellent moisture resistance protecting products from moisture and humidity

2. Extremely light-weight to reduce the cargo packaging weight and exhaust emissions from transportation

3. Conducive to the development of atmospheric carbon cycle

Plastic Tubes

1. Better strength and durability protecting products from extrusion and damage

2. Reusable, reducing waste generation

Paper Tubes

1. Degradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly

2. Generally light-weight reducing package weight and shipping costs during the tranportation 

Polyester Yarn Product Highlights

We advocate the sustainable development concept of "more than just yarn", and create a natural and ecological smart experience based on the functionality and distinction of yarn.We have developed a range of sustainable products which combined with our R&D allow us to obtain high performing and environmentally friendly yarns, such as recycled polyester slub DTY, recycled polyester folded yarn, etc.
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