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Polyester Twisted FDY

Polyester Twisted FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn) is a type of polyester yarn that has been twisted to enhance its strength, elasticity, and texture. Commonly used in textiles, it offers durability, vibrant colors, and resistance to shrinking and stretching. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including clothing, home textiles, and industrial uses.

Polyester Folded Yarn

Polyester folded yarn is a linen-like yarn of full polyester. It not only has the thick and stiff style of pure linen, but also has the breathable function of linen fabric. Whether in terms of raw materials or fabric structure, Polyester folded yarn has better linen-like effects than other types of fiber materials, and it is our most recommended yarn. As an important branch of fancy yarn, Polyester folded yarn also has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, wrinkle resistance and other advantages through the special process of texturing machine. As the model with the largest repurchase volume, 540D always has 100 tons in stock. We offer customized production services for Polyester Folded Yarn, and welcome you to contact us for Polyester Folded Yarn wholesale prices directly from the factory.

Polyester Slub Yarn

Polyester Slub Dty Yarn is produced by draw-texturing by a texturing machine. It is stronger and more durable than natural fibers, wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for. Polyester slub DTY is suitable for a variety of applications, from clothing to home, home textiles and industrial applications. Among them, Polyester slub DTY from 50D to 150D is good for making clothing, which is generally lighter than some of the larger denier fibers, giving them a variety of advantages when making comfortable, stylish and functional garments. As our regular products, we always stock Polyester slub DTY 150D 300 tons and 300D 100 tons to meet the most common needs.We offer customized production services for Polyester Slub Dty Yarn, and welcome you to contact us for wholesale prices directly from the factory.

Polyester ATY Yarn

Polyester Air Textured Yarn is a special fiber yarn produced using air-texturing technology, providing a strong plush and terry feel. The resulting fabric exhibits the textured feel and soft touch reminiscent of natural linen, while overcoming the issue of wrinkles commonly associated with linen. We maintain a regular stock of 100 tons in 1100D specification, featuring enhanced strength and tighter structure. With its versatile applications in sectors such as window screens, home textiles, apparel, and automotive interiors, Polyester Air Textured Yarn's softness and durability make it an ideal choice for various products. We offer customized production services for Polyester Air Textured Yarn, and welcome you to contact us for wholesale prices directly from the factory.

Polyester Recycled Yarn

Recycled polyester yarn refers to yarn produced from recycled polyester materials such as polyester bottles, waste yarn, and fiber fabrics. These materials undergo a recycling process to create POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) and FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn), which are then further processed into products like polyester slub yarn and polyester folded yarn using texturing machines. This approach promotes sustainable development by efficiently utilizing renewable resources and reducing environmental impact, aligning with goals of creating a green and environmentally friendly economy in the textile and fashion industry.
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