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Analysis of the Manufacturing Process and Characteristics of Polyester Folded Yarn

Analysis of the Manufacturing Process and Characteristics of Polyester Folded Yarn

Jul 8,2024
CY3001 polyester folded yarn
CY3001 polyester folded yarn
Special Draw-Texturing for Polyester Folded DTY

Polyester Folded Yarn, also referred to as Polyester Folded DTY, is a significant branch of fancy yarn. This yarn is characterized by irregular thick and thin “slub” along the length of monofilament or multi-yarns, resulting in a texture with uneven thickness. The unique three-dimensional fancy effect that Polyester Folded Yarn imparts to fabrics makes it highly desirable in textile applications.

Production Technology

The manufacturing process of Polyester Folded Yarn involves modifications to a conventional draw-texturing machines. By adding an additional device, the speed or stoppage of the front roller can be altered, which in turn changes the normal draft multiple. This alteration produces thick spots on the regular yarn, resembling a “slub”. Similarly, the middle and rear rollers can be overfed suddenly, altering the draft multiple and producing the nep like a “bamboo knot”. These modifications create various slub effects.

Key Parameters

The characteristics and style of Polyester Folded Yarn fabric are determined by several key parameters:
1. Base Yarn Density: The fundamental density of the yarn before any modifications.
2. Slub Thickness: The thickness of the irregular slubs in the yarn.
3. Slub Length: The length of the thick slubs.
4. Slub Spacing: The distance between consecutive slubs.

The special structure of slub yarn means that the final cloth style is closely related to these four parameters. Different combinations of slub thickness, length, spacing, and raw materials can produce a variety of yarn styles to meet diverse consumer needs.


Polyester Folded Yarn's ability to create unique textures and three-dimensional effects makes it an essential material in the textile industry. By manipulating parameters such as slub thickness, length, spacing, and base yarn density, manufacturers can develop a wide range of fabric styles to cater to various market demands.
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