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Difference in Yarn Luster Impacts Fabric Applications: Poyarn's "Bright" vs "MATT" Yarn

Difference in Yarn Luster Impacts Fabric Applications: Poyarn's "Bright" vs "MATT" Yarn

Jun 14,2024
bright polyester yarn
Poyarn's yarns are categorized into "with light" and "without light," also referred to as "bright" and "MATT." These two types of yarn luster have distinct effects on fabrics, especially in applications such as curtains, sheer fabrics, and upholstery.

Bright Yarn (With Light)
- Appearance: Bright yarns have a shiny, reflective surface that catches and reflects light.
- Effect on Fabric:
   **Curtains and Sheer Fabrics**: Fabrics made with bright curtain sheer yarns appear more vibrant and eye-catching. The reflective quality enhances the richness of colors and creates a more luxurious and elegant look. These fabrics can help brighten a room by reflecting light, making them ideal for spaces where a light, airy feel is desired.
  **Upholstery**: In upholstery, bright curtain sheer yarns add a touch of sophistication and modernity. They are often used to create statement pieces that stand out in a room. However, the high luster can also show dirt and wear more easily, so they may require more maintenance.

MATT Yarn (Without Light)
- Appearance: MATT yarns have a subdued, non-reflective surface that absorbs light rather than reflecting it.
- Effect on Fabric:
  **Curtains and Sheer Fabrics**: Fabrics made with MATT yarns offer a more muted and understated appearance. They are suitable for creating a calm, cozy atmosphere. These fabrics do not reflect light as much, providing a soft and subtle look that can add a touch of elegance without being overly flashy.
   **Upholstery**: MATT curtain sheer yarns in upholstery create a more casual and relaxed vibe. The lack of sheen helps hide stains and wear, making these fabrics more practical for everyday use. They are ideal for creating a warm, inviting space that feels comfortable and lived-in.

Choosing between bright and MATT yarns depends on the desired aesthetic and functional requirements of the fabric. Bright yarns enhance the visual impact with their reflective properties, making them suitable for luxurious and attention-grabbing applications. In contrast, MATT yarns offer a more subdued and practical option, perfect for creating cozy and understated designs.

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