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Poyarn Family: Protecting and Caring for Our Team

Poyarn Family: Protecting and Caring for Our Team

Dec 25,2023
Poyarn team members
Poyarn team members
POYARN has always adhered to the concept of caring for its Poyarn team members, treating them as part of the big family, and providing them with comprehensive protection through a series of measures.

First, we paid comprehensive insurance for all 50 team members of the company. This move not only provides them with protection against accidents at work, but also provides them and their families with more peace of mind in life. We know that they are the company's most valuable asset. Only by ensuring their health and safety can the company develop steadily.

Secondly, we have set up an advanced air purification system in the factory to ensure that the gases generated during the production process are harmless to the human body. We pay attention to the working environment of our team members and use the air purification system to filter harmful substances in the air to create a fresh and safe workplace for them. This not only improves their working comfort, but also helps improve productivity.

Poyarn believes that only by establishing a working environment full of care and concern can our team members better develop their potential and contribute to the company's development. We hope that every one of them will feel the warmth and support in this big family, and work together to create a better future. By caring for our team members, we work together to protect and contribute to the prosperity and development of the Poyarn family.
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